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Twins Top Tips!

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Twins’ Top Tips: Tip 6


Transporting Cakes

During these summer months, we’ve received many a sad cake decorator or customer through the doors of Twins. The cause? A ruined cake.

Transporting cakes is often an afterthought. Yet, poor planning can have disastrous consequences.

We’ve put together a few tips which we consider vital:

  1. Place your finished cake in a sturdy box with as little room surrounding the board as possible. This will prevent the cake shifting or sliding within the box.
  2. When transporting stacked cakes (particularly in summer when cakes are softer than normal), please remember that cake boxes must be placed flat. This means in the boot of your car: not on a lap and not on a sloped seat. Even the slightest tipping or slanting of a cake box may result in a tiered cake cracking or collapsing (no matter how well dowelled the cake is).
  3. Like children, cakes are not made to sit in the car for long periods of time: they too will sweat, soften and suffer!

If you are a cake decorator, please remember to tell your customers how to correctly transport cakes in order to avoid heartache.

If you are one of our customers picking up a cake from our kitchen, please remember to bring a car with suitable boot space. And please clear your boot of anything else which could cause damage to the cake.