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Twins’ Top Tips: Tip 8


Types of Paste

There are several types of pastes used when decorating cakes. You may be left wondering what the difference is between florist paste, gum paste, modelling paste, Mexican paste and sugarpaste. We hope the following guide will help you!


AKA: Ready to Roll Icing/Regalice/Fondant Icing

Predominantly used for covering your cakes and boards. Sugarpaste is pliable and easy to work with, yet still produces a high quality finish. Always use this paste to cover your cakes as it is the softest and tastiest to eat.

At Twins, we sell a range of Culpitt, Renshaw and Bako sugarpastes.

Flower Paste

AKA: Florist Paste/Petal Paste/Gum Paste

You will commonly see this referred to as gum paste in American recipes. Do not be fooled, it is the same as flower paste. (See more US-UK translations in our previous top tip).

Flower paste is used for modelling sugar flowers and professional, detailed sugar figurines. This is because flower paste is flexible whilst you are working but dries hard and holds its shape very well (no matter how thin). Please remember that when using flower paste, it is important to work quickly to prevent the paste from drying out and cracking. Although this paste is fully edible, it is brittle and therefore not recommended for consumption.

At Twins, we sell a range of Squires and Renshaw flower paste in white, ivory and a variety of colours. If wrapped properly and placed in an airtight container, flower paste will last for 6-12 months once opened.

Modelling Paste

Modelling paste is a cheaper alternative to flower paste and a firmer alternative to sugarpaste. Primarily used for modelled figures or characters, this paste will hold its shape and will dry out for a sturdier finish. It does not however dry out as quickly as flower paste or as firmly.

At Twins, we sell a range of Renshaw, Culpitt and Squires modelling pastes. However, please remember that you can make your own by simply adding Gum Tragacanth or CMC to sugarpaste.

Blend 1 teaspoon of Gum Trag/CMC to every 500g of sugarpaste. Leave at least 15 minutes before use and preferably overnight, wrapped well and kept airtight. Or simply mix 50/50 flower paste with sugarpaste to create a modelling paste.

Mexican Modelling Paste

Mexican paste is a fine modelling paste which is perfect for more detailed models, including plaques, frills, swags and drapes. As the paste is not sticky and can be rolled out very thin, it is ideal for use with Patchwork Cutters and other moulds. Like modelling paste, it sets well but can still be eaten.

At Twins, we sell Squires and Diamond Paste Mould Company MMP.


Pastillage is used extensively for modelling work including plaques, arches, bows, cake toppers and other 3D shapes. It is a rolled sugarpaste which dries almost bone hard for a strong finish.

Roll out and cut to shape using templates before leaving to dry. Join your pieces together using royal icing to create structures. Like flower paste, it is necessary to work quickly as pastillage dries out very quickly. Again, it is not recommended to eat this for the safety of your teeth!


Marzipan is predominantly used to provide an excellent base for applying royal icing or sugarpaste to your cakes, especially rich fruit cakes. However, it can also be used to model basic shapes or figurines, and as you probably already know, marzipan fruits!

At Twins, we sell Renshaw marzipan only in the neutral shade as we believe the golden colour is harder to cover with icing.

Please be aware that marzipan has almonds in and is not safe for those with nut allergies. However, there are plenty of nut-free marzipan recipes available on the Internet.