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Twins Top Tips!

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Twins’ Top Tips: Tip 10


Modelling Chocolate

You may have realized that in our ‘Types of Paste’ top tip, we left out Modelling Chocolate. This is because one of our customers Kim especially requested the recipe and instructions so we have dedicated Modelling Chocolate its own top tip!

Modelling Chocolate is relatively simple to make but is also available ready-made, quite often under the name Cocoform. Like sugarpaste, its uses are numerous:

Modelling Chocolate is made by melting chocolate and combining it with liquid glucose. Please follow the directions below:

1 part liquid glucose to 2 parts milk, dark or white couverture chocolate
Warm the chocolate over a bowl of hot water (a bain marie) and warm the glucose separately before blending together. Leave to rest and then knead until it reaches a firmer, pliable consistency.
You can alter the consistency by adding more chocolate (for firmer results) or more glucose (for a softer consistency).

If it is crumbling, your mixture is too dry. Add a more liquid glucose, knead and repeat as necessary.

If your mixture is too sticky, wrap in clingfilm and allow to sit for an hour. If it still hasn't dried out, knead in some more melted chocolate, making sure to mix it thoroughly.

If you want to colour your Modelling Chocolate, use white chocolate couverture and add an oil-based or powdered food colouring.

To store your Modelling Chocolate, wrap tightly in clingfilm and store in an airtight container, not in a fridge.

N.B. Modelling Chocolate is NOT the same as chocolate flavoured sugarpaste which we do sell.